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Screenshot 2015-09-09 17.19.54We task ourselves with discovering every event listing site on the planet – a journey that’s so far taken us to 4,916 media publishers, and counting, around the globe.
What makes a publisher valuable?
Each of those publishers means something different to each of our users. Some publishers are global players in the event discovery world, think Eventful or Google Events. Some are local newspapers covering towns of only a few thousand people, some are radio, television or print media organisations with an online content purpose – like TimeOut. Some are communities of professionals gathering over a common purpose – our coverage of the Conference industry for example now has 148 unique categories dedicated to it. The one common ground between these sites is that all of them are important to our users finding new and targeted audiences to attend their events.
We work to build business relationships with every publisher in our network. This means learning about who they are and what they do – we have to understand what content they wants and in what format. Once we’ve done this we can add them to our platform and start promoting our users content to new audiences. Each new user that uses our platform presents us with a genuine challenge – is our publisher coverage in this event location or category as good as it can be? Are there more sites here that we’ve not yet found?
Journey of Discovery
To discover new sites we set our dedicated publisher team off to unchartered corners of the web’s publishing space, but we also invite our users to share their knowledge with us. Already experts in their area or industry, our users know the scene – they know where and what to get listed. With the help of the Kevin Larson Presents party promoter team, we recently moved our focus to Denver, Colorado in the United States as a new area to expand our database and coverage. Although our coverage of Colorado and the United States was strong, working closely with the Kevin Larson team helped us understand which local sites were crucial to a successful event in Denver.
Denver, Colorado
Denver, the 21st biggest city in the US, has a bustling events scene. The Kevin Larson Presents team have been organising a variety of galas, balls and parties around Denver for the past 16 years. When they signed up for evvnt they brought with them a wealth of knowledge on marketing events in Denver. They wanted us to handle their online listings while they focussed on the rest of party planning, and so to do they we worked closely to identify additional sites in Denver that we hadn’t yet mapped.
Once identified we set about profiling each site to understand more about what they do.
As a result, today we’ve added 25 new sites focussed on the Colorado and Denver areas;

  • Colorado Springs Gazette
  • Longmont Times-Call
  • Get Boulder Magazine
  • Colorado Daily
  • Aurora Sentinel
  • Denver2night
  • Colorado Community Media
  • Lovely Denver
  • Colorado Springs Gazette
  • KGNU
  • Colorado Events Today
  • The Pueblo Chieftan
  • Denver Westword
  • Laramie Live
  • Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce
  • Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Colorado Town
  • Colorado 12 Public TV
  • 9 News
  • Fort Collins Night Out
  • KDVR Fox 31
  • Broomfield Enterprise
  • NightlifeCure

Screenshot 2015-09-09 17.21.36
A piece of the puzzle in our pursuit of complete global coverage but for our users in Denver and in Colorado, this makes all the difference and puts registrations and revenue on the table.

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