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So… you’ve taken the plunge and started your own business, welcome to the wonderful world of start ups!
Now you want to ensure it’s success, but you don’t know where to begin? Well, every business, especially a new kid on the block, will rely heavily on Public Relations from the get go.
Why? Good question! PR is the basis of promoting your brand, it’s the link between the business, the press and the consumer. It’s how you communicate to the media and effectively your target audience. It is also the way to maintain a positive image and your reputation.
Public Relations has changed drastically over the last 10 years, thanks mainly to the dominance of mobiles and the internet, the consumer is always connected.
As a start up business your PR resources might be limited but there any many helpful websites that are readily available to guide you along the way.
Here are 5 websites we think are worth using to get you started –
Hey Press – search journalists by topic at no cost to your business!
By using Hey Press you can easily build small, highly targeted press lists.

Journalisted – the easiest way to source contact details for journalists
With Journalisted you can find journalists and see what they are writing about.

PR Stack – an index of tools and guides for PR
Use PR Stack for practical advice to improve your workflow.

bloggabase – find relevant bloggers and connect
Utilize the bloggabase database to reach thousands of opted-in bloggers.

Gorkana – an extensive industry index of media intelligence
Connect your organisation to Gorkana for critical information and insight across media platforms.

These 5 sites will get you on the right track, but for further help check out our recent article PR for new businesses – rules of thumb to ensure you have the basics down!
Have you used any of these sites to help your business? Or do you have another you want to recommend?…
This blog post was written by Natalie Grout evvnt Communications Manager.

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