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How Line-Up Integrated Our Reporting

Line-Up worked closely with evvnt to deliver premium event reporting to WOW247 users

As we continue to expand our partner network, we see more partners making use of the features in our API. LineUp worked with our API to deliver ROI to their users.
Through an existing partneship, WOW247 users can access our premium listing service and have their events listed on 40 other sites. LineUp took this a step further by integrating our reporting into their own platform – giving users easy access to visualise the benefits of premium listing.
The reporting feature makes use of our /reports API endpoint, which lets partners repurpose our reporting data. This include audience figures, click traffic, site statistics and SEO reach.
LineUp : WOW247 Dashboard
The feature is available to all partners, along with plenty more. We’re always interested to meet new people, so get in touch or sign up at!
Have any questions or other remarks about this new feature? Then let us know in the comments down below.

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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