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Adding ticketing to your events promotion is an uncomplicated advantage enabling you to manage your ticket sales efficiently as an event manager. An online ticket option is a great benefit to event attendees, allowing them to purchase tickets with a range of options for payment.

How to use ticketing…

Firstly in order to use ticketing you need to be promoting an event! Once you have set up your event you can use ticketing software to connect your event to an online sales platform. Setting up ticketing is quick and easy, granting you the capability of selling tickets for an event with a variety of prices if necessary – you may have first release tickets at a lower price, or different pricing for delegates, or promotions on buying bulk or group tickets. With a ticketing service your customers can see all the alternative prices and choose which ticket option suits them best.

If you are promoting numerous events simultaneously you can see which events are most popular with your target audience or which events are being overlooked by the potential event attendees and may need an extra promotional push.

Here are our top 10 reasons why using ticketing will benefit your event…

  1. It is an efficient way of managing your duties and reviewing your sales. You can view how many tickets have been sold and how much money you have earned by selling the tickets at any point in the run up to your event.
  2. You can sell tickets 24/7 – your ticketing remains active even at unsociable hours, allowing event attendees the option to purchase at any given time.
  3. Your ticket reach is global, people from various areas and even other countries have the ability to purchase and take part in your event.
  4. It is safe and secure! The event attendees’ personal and banking data never gets revealed so there is no way of hacking into your account an incurring fraudulent activity.
  5. Event attendees have the option to purchase single or multiple tickets simultaneously in an instant.
  6. The payment process is simple and provides many payment options for the user including credit card, debit card or an online banking facility such as Paypal.
  7. It’s GREEN… the buyer receives the ticket via e-mail which reduces the carbon footprint of your event. Events ticketing ultimately saves paper and ticket printing costs, enabling buyers to use an e-ticket for entry on their mobile device or to print via their personal printers at home rather than mass printing your tickets and posting to attendees. It is a sustainable solution which saves you money – as there is no need for production costs, posting materials and postage.
  8. It’s a call to action which allows you to collect data including email addresses, mobile phone numbers and even statistics on your attendees which can be used in your future events promotions.
  9. It’s time saving and there is no need for an event employee to manage the entire ticket selling process as it is an automated service.
  10. Ticket links can be promoted themselves, your ticketing can be visible on your event listings, your website, your social media channels – giving a wide range of access and empowering your audience to buy directly and endorsing the event.

Adding ticketing to your event promotions is a low maintenance and cost effective solution to growing your event… Offering flexibility for your attendees and improving your events management. So if you have an event to promote with an entrance fee its about time you jumped on the ticketing bandwagon!

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