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How to use tracking links

Tracking links are used through attaching a unique digital tracking code to a link on your website, this code then tracks the user activity for that specific link and stores the information separately. The appearance of tracking links is almost like that of normal ones, just that at the end of a tracking link some letters and numbers are added. There are lots of different things that can be tracked to improve your marketing campaign, keep reading if you want to find out more. 

Why tracking links are beneficial to your event promotion…

Have you ever wondered where the clicks to your page are coming from? Well using tracking links while promoting your event will give you insight into that and provide you with other valuable data and analytics about the traffic your event is generating. Essentially it can help you figure out which marketing strategy is the most effective when it comes to promoting your event, making it a crucial part of your marketing plan.

Our top 3 ways that link tracking can benefit your event

  1. Email links:
    Attaching tracking links to your emails helps you determine the traffic each link in your email is receiving. For example you can see how many people subscribed or followed through to your blog or social media profile.
  2. Social Media:
    Tracking the different posts you share on social media will show you which one of your platforms is the most popular among your audience, it can also give you more detailed information, such as which demographics use which social media outlet. Besides that it can show you which kind of posts get shared the most and which ones pull in the most clicks.
  3. Advertisements:
    Setting up a tracking link on clicking activity to the ads you have invested in gives you an opportunity to survey the traffic and discover which one of the different ads works best for you and of course to find out what brings in the most revenue and what you should spend your money on.
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