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Harnessing the power of social media is one of the most effective ways to generate buzz for your event, it’s free and it can give you that extra bit of exposure you may be looking for. Facebook is of course a massive part of today’s social media industry and along with Twitter it is probably one of the major players in the field. Providing you with its very own event creational tool and offering you the possibility to create ads to advertise your events is why Facebook should definitely be part of your marketing campaign.

Creating an event on Facebook:

To create an event on Facebook you simply have to go onto your dashboard and on the left hand side it will give you the option to go to your events. Once you have selected that you will be led to the “Events” page, where you can see your upcoming events, your calendar, and where you can create your event.

A pop-up will appear with the title “New Event” and it will provide you with all the options you need to create the event. Try picking a poignant and intriguing name for your event, as well an interesting and compelling description, and of course do not forget to tag your event, the more general tags you will use the more likely it will be to find your event. Afterwards you have the options of either publishing, scheduling or saving your event in draft.

After you have created the event, the platform will start collecting data for you through link tracking. On your event page it will then give you an overview of your analytics. These insights into the effectiveness of your event marketing are incredibly beneficial for you to find out what works best.

Promoting an event on Facebook:

Additionally to just creating and posting your event on Facebook, the platform also offers you ways to promote your event through creating an ad on Facebook and letting this ad run on the News Feed. All of this can be managed through your Facebook Event Page.

evvnt and Facebook…

With the launch of our new evvnt platform we offer your the unique opportunity to send your event attendees a notification to remind them of your event within 24 hours before it begins.
What do you think about promoting your event on Facebook? If you have any more questions or remarks please feel free and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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