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How our Discovery Plugin works…

Along with the launch of the new evvnt platform comes a brand new discovery plugin feature to add to your event promotion. It gives you the ability to embed your calendar directly onto your website or blog, just by simply dropping the code block onto our page and voila the Discovery Plugin will be up and running. A feature such as that will instantly show you all of your active events in the form of an events calendar and it will update them automatically on your website. This makes it much easier for you to access and manage all of your future events. Your customers will thank you too, as it offers them a quick and clean overview of your events. If you are interested in using our new feature then check out the further instructions on how to add it into your promotional process right here.

Benefits of an events calendar…

Using an events calendar comes with many perks, since it serves as a simple and efficient way for your customers to get a quick overview of all your upcoming events. Depending on how many different kinds of events you have, an events calendar gives you the perfect opportunity to categorise them into several specific major categories, such as Arts, Bars & Pubs, Courses & Classes, Conferences, Exhibitions, Festivals and many more. Below the title of the events you will see the address, the date and time, as well as the option to click through to further details. It also makes it easier for you to submit a new event, since the option is already provided on the top of the calendar. So adding an events calendar to your website or blog really only brings benefits to your whole marketing campaign.
How do you feel about using a Discovery Plugin? Would it be beneficial to your business? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below…

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