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Hashtags have become one of the most used tools on social media networks since they can easily drive traffic to a specific topic or problem.

Creating an effective event hashtag is maybe the most valuable asset of an online marketing campaign. The pound symbol has a history of grouping metadata but since its rise to prominence with Twitter the hashtag has pervaded cross-media platforms.

As an event organiser this makes hashtags a great opportunity to centralise a ‘buzz’ around your event, and engage an audience to let discussions and communities grow, both off- and online. But be warned, poorly executed hashtags can fragment a community and dilute a marketing campaign into oblivion.

The Hashtag

As an event organiser you’re either using hashtags to build interest on a temporary event campaign or building a long-term campaign around your brand.

Campaign Hashtag – #EIN14   |  Brand Hashtag – #evvntlondon

What should my hashtag be?

1. Make it unique – The more unique your hashtag is, the better you’ll be able to measure the engagement with it. A generic term as a hashtag will be easily diluted and you’ll struggle make an impact.

2. Make it memorable – A memorable hashtag means a much better chance of it being used and engaged with later. Memorable doesn’t have to mean long, or funny or even interesting(!), in fact memorable is more about being as concise and relevant as possible.

3. Keep it short – A short hashtag is more memorable and less at risk of being cut off in retweets. They also transfer over much better to other media -#WayTooManyCharactersForAHashtag looks even worse in print.

4. Be consistent – Consistency and commitment ultimately define your hashtag. Once your event has a hashtag, stick with it. Use it everywhere you promote your event and your audience will soon get the idea.


How and where to use it?

Hashtags don’t promote themselves and here at evvnt we can only do so much. Creating an effective integration of your hashtag across all your event marketing activity is what will see value returned.

This means keeping your message consistent, across email campaigns, editorial coverage, press releases and your online voice before, during and after the event.

Can I monitor my hashtags?

The good news is that you can! Thanks to some social media tools that will give you precise information on how well the event hashtag is performing.

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