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Without an agenda, keeping up with your company’s social media activity can be a little over-whelming – and if you you haven’t prepared yourself then things can go wrong very quickly. But don’t panic – we’ve selected the 5 most common problems people face when they start using social media and given you some tips on how to solve them:
1) Problem: Your content is regular but irrelevant
Don’t saturate your streams with too much content or you’ll start to bore your fans and followers. Make a reasonable timetable for updates and stick to it, keeping your followers informed but not over whelmed.
2) Problem: You don’t have enough content
Assign a team or employee to control and manage production to create interesting ideas and content. Share interesting links from other sources to help keep your content fresh.
3) Problem: You don’t understand the audience
Experts on social networks can spot an outsider a mile away so if you don’t want to come across an an uninformed newbie you should make sure to acquaint yourself with the rules and customs of your chosen network. It’s also important to choose the right network for your chosen stream. The right message for the right medium
4) Problem: Procrastination
Develop and maintain a clear strategy for all your social media activity. It’s easy to get caught up in all the activity and buzz, carried away and not really achieving anything. By setting clear targets  and goals you can monitor your company’s activity, testing which channels are most effective and build a clear ROI plan.
5) Problem: You’ve stopped listening
Communicate and converse with your audience, don’t just preach to them. People like to know when there is a human behind the brand. Someone who can relate and understand their position. A great opportunity to provide customer service.

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