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Having gone to all the effort of organising an event, promoting it can feel like an arduous task where often simple errors can be made. To make light work of the task we have come up with a list of 10 things you should avoid when promoting your event to guarantee you avoid making mistakes. Creating a positive image of your event and maintaining attention to detail can really pay off in terms of attendees and revenue!
What to avoid when promoting an event…

1. Don’t include a whole title of block capitals or symbols in your event name.
For Example ‘GR8 P@RTY?!?%’ could look spammy and may be filtered straight into a trash folder especially if you mainly use email to promote your events.

2. Don’t create an event without providing an image or photo.
Create either a flyer or logo featuring details of your event to make it stand out across all promotion platforms, this will ensure that people recognise and remember your event in the future.

3. Don’t let simple grammatical errors or typos slip through.
Make a good impression by using spell check to notify you of any obvious mistakes.

4. Don’t overlook re-checking your event description.
Make sure the contact details, venue name and directions are correct, as well as testing each one of the links you provide to check that they are working properly.

5. Don’t target the wrong audience.
Make sure you post your event on related listing sites and Facebook or Twitter pages. Attendees who follow particular pages of a similar genre are more likely to take notice and pass the word of your event on to their friends.

6. Don’t wait too long to start promoting your event.
Beat off any competition and get your event featured first in social butterfly’s diaries before they commit themselves elsewhere. We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks lead time to create exposure for your event!

7. Don’t promote your event too early, and then fail to keep in touch.
Communicate with your attendees by creating discussions, posting links and news of any special offers on social media sites and email.

8. Don’t forget to remind them your event is approaching.
Follow up with status updates, tweets or reminder emails, especially during the week leading up to your event.

9. Don’t leave any event changes out.
Be sure to keep your attendees informed of any alterations such as cancellations or venue changes ASAP rather than leaving them in the dark.

10. Don’t forget to thank people for attending.
Leave a Facebook message on the event/page wall, tweet or send an email to your guest list. You could also include any positive feedback in promotional material for your next event.

For more on promoting events checkout our Definitive Guide on How To Market an Event – 100 Event Marketing Tips

Follow our ‘What to avoid when promoting an event’ guidelines and you will be on track to event success! And don’t forget to let us know in the comments if you have any ‘do’s or don’ts’ you adhere to while promoting your events…

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