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To drive up attendance at your events and get customers through the door venue owners and event organisers must centre their marketing activity around appealing to customers to reach the ultimate goal of event success.
Competing for attention in a city with thriving nightlife can be tricky, but with forward planning it can be easy to make your next event successful with marketing!
Here are our tips to drive up attendance and generate interest in your events
Invite people early
Diaries fill up fast, and many people like to be organised and plan ahead. Don’t leave it to the last minute to let people know about your latest event. If your event happens regularly then you can also include pictures from a previous event or testimonials so people know what to expect.
Send follow-up reminders
In the weeks or days leading up to your next event be sure to remind your guest list of the details or add incentives like early bird tickets or free drink to entice your audience.
Promote your event through social media
With a combined userbase of over 2.3 billion – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great social networks to promote your events to a large audience with worldwide reach. Build your online community and inform your audience about your upcoming events.
Use your website
There are many ways to draw visitors to content on different pages on your website. If you hold events regularly it is crucial to promote your events on as many pages as possible.
To give your events plenty of exposure you can

  • Create a highlighted area on your homepage that lists your events.
  • Add a blog with news and pictures and make sure to include information and plenty of links to your events.
  • Host a sign-up form on your website to get people to sign-up for your events, receive an invitation or purchase tickets.
  • Use a Discovery Plugin to show a live calendar containing all of your upcoming events.So Ask your attendees for promotional help

When promoting your event on Twitter, use #hashtags and ask your followers to retweet if they’re attending. You might also add ‘Forward This To A Friend’ links in your newsletter emails. Furthermore you could use location services FourSqaure or Facebook Places to encourage attendees to ‘Check in’ at your event and share with their connections.
Remember to follow up with past attendees
It’s always good to reward customer loyalty… Don’t forget to send a follow up email. Thank your attendees, share pictures or video content from the night. Most of all add information about your next event to get it in the diary!
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