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Facebook Page Administrators will notice even more changes to Facebook’s layout very soon. With Facebook continuously making changes it can be difficult to keep track!
But lucky for you we have gathered together 5 overlooked, undiscovered or neglected Facebook marketing techniques that can dramatically improve promotion through this social network.
Facebook Page Management – 5 Tips…
1. How to convert a Facebook Profile into a Page

Facebook now offers a Profile to Page migration tool, which will allow you to convert your profile into a page for your brand. Currently, the only things that will be migrated to the new page are your profile photo and friends, so if you have a lot of other information or photos on your profile, it is worth downloading them to keep on file.
Click here to convert your Profile into a Page
To download all Profile information, just go to go to your ‘Account Settings’ from the tab on the top right of the screen and then click ‘Download Your Information’.
2. How to merge several Facebook Pages
If you have more than one Facebook page that you wish to merge into one official, up-to-date Page you simply have to sign into your Facebook account and click the link below:
Click here to merge your Facebook Pages
To request a Page merge, simply enter the name and the URL of the page you wish to retain as the main one and then the URLs of up to 5 pages you wish to merge with it. Facebook calls them ‘inauthentic’ pages but don’t worry, you can put the URLs of your own old pages here.
3. How to use Featured Pages
One of the latest features available to Facebook Page admins is the ability to “like” other Pages and feature particular Pages in a separate column on their own Page. This is a particularly useful tool for business with mutiple locations or for those people who maintain multiple Pages and need a way to link those Pages together.
To feature Pages –

  • Visit the “Edit Page” button in the top-right corner of your Page
  • Select the “Featured” tab from the left column menu
  • From here admins can add their favourite Pages to this tab

Please note that admins need to be connected to target Pages from their personal Profile in order to feature them on the Page they admin. Alternatively admins can choose to click the ‘Use Facebook As Page’ function and ‘Like’ the target Pages directly as you would ‘Like’ a Page from personal Profiles.
4. How to add a username to Facebook Pages
Facebook Usernames allow public entities to easily promote your presence on Facebook with a short URL. This username can be used in your marketing communications, company website and business cards.
For example:
You can set a username on Facebook for any Page or personal Profile by visiting
5. How to invite guests from a recent event to an upcoming event
Although Facebook doesn’t support functionality for repeat events, it’s now possible to invite people who specifically attended previous events that users have hosted.
When inviting friends to a new event select the “Filter Friends” menu and choose an event from the “Recent Events” dropdown. From here, users can individually select friends or click “Select All” to invite all friends who attended the recent event.
To find out more about how to use Facebook to promote your company or event, please check out our blog post How to market your event with Facebook and don’t forget to ‘Like’ evvnt on Facebook to get the latest news!

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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