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Marketing on mobile is one of the hottest forms of marketing communication. The majority of smart phone owners keep their mobile close to hand to use the latest advanced technology. It’s easier to engage with your audience, get creative with design, and integrate additional marketing channels like email and social media.
Here are some tips to help get you up-and-running on mobile marketing:
1. Build your audience
Before you can get started with mobile marketing campaigns, you need to build a list of people to send your messages to. But don’t worry, there are many ways to start growing your audience:
– Put a sign-up form on your website to collect the names and mobile numbers
– Collect mobile numbers from attendees of your next event
– Purchase reputable lists of mobile numbers of people who enjoy similar events and send them a message asking them to opt-in or opt-out of receiving future messages.
– Design a ‘pull’ marketing campaign that encourages fans to text in their numbers to win a prize and promote this via your exisiting channels (email, social media etc.)
2. Choose the type of mobile campaign that suits you

Different types of messaging allow you to promote events, create competitions, run polls, or perform a combination within a single campaign. It’s important that you choose the correct campaign for your event.
– SMS message: an outgoing plain-text message sent to your contact list
– Mobile flyer: an outgoing text message linking to a mobile-friendly webpage
– Guestlist: a text-in service which generates a unique promotion code
– Mobile Webpage: incorporates polls, maps, images, and promotion codes
3. Personalise your offers
Even when customers have given you permission to market to them, you need to personalise your offers to keep them interested. If you keep sending offers that customers have no interest in, they will likely start opting-out.  If you send relevant offers or information that appeals to your customer’s lifestyles, then you are more likely to start seeing rewards and a better response from this channel. Spend some time thinking of offers that provide something compelling and valuable to your customers.
4. Be flexible
You might not get your marketing campaigns spot on first time around so be flexible with the style, content and tone to achieve the best results. Try sending your campaigns at different times of day or segmenting your subscriber list to test different offers. Researching your target market will also give you a better understanding of what types of offers will appeal to them.
5. Play it safe
It’s important to always ask for permission before bombarding customers with potentially unwanted mobile marketing messages. Customers are used to being asked whether or not they would like to receive any additional print or online offers this should be the same for marketing on mobiles.
Generating trust is another important part of mobile marketing and one easy way of doing this is to give customers the opportunity to opt-out of receiving future messages at any time.  By providing customers with the control to enter and exit your campaign at any time, you will build a highly accurate database of loyal and interested subscribers.
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