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There is no doubt that networking in London promotes your brand, builds your own career prospects and opens many doors. To get the most out of your professional life, it is important to network as often as you can. We have shortlisted the best opportunities to network in London and highlighted why building meaningful relationships can transform your working life. 
Attending Events
Some events are specifically designed for networking and they are renowned for pushing businesses to new heights. We have listed our favourite events for networking in London and shown why they could be highly beneficial for your business:

  • The Business Network London Central Events – Held monthly in Central London, the Business Network’s event brings companies together so that they can learn from their informative seminars. The event is also held so that business leaders can develop a supportive network of contacts who will help them to grow and succeed.
  • Chew the Fat – Held every month at a different venue, Chew the Fat is a relaxed discussion about business with some of the world’s most remarkable entrepreneurs. It is an ideal opportunity to meet with your peers and discuss business, marketing and building success.
  • Google Campus Events – Every few days, the Google Campus in Shoreditch holds events where they discuss everything digital. To learn about building a strong personal brand or marketing your business online, the Google Campus is more than likely to hold an event about it. It is also an ideal opportunity to network in London. Popular with a range of businesses, meet like-minded people to help to propel your brand and career to new heights.

Building Relationships
You can attend events that are specifically designed for networking to promote your business. But also making smaller efforts to network is also an ideal way to put your business on the map.
Grab a quick coffee, go for a few drinks or have lunch with partners. The relationships you develop lead to exciting opportunities that would not be possible without networking. Look at this Guide to Islington to find out about cafés, bars and restaurants to network in London, north of the river.
Growing Your Career and Your Brand
Making an effort to network can take your company and your career to new heights. This is often not feasible without socialising with others in your industry. To grow your company and your professional career, network as often as possible. Whether you’re going to lunch or attending an important networking event, it’s a simple but effective way to build success.
This post was written for evvnt by guest blogger Mark Flint – Digital Manager at Essential Living. As well as working for Essential Living Mark enjoys sharing his knowledge by writing on the company blog.
We hope this post has given you some insight into networking in London, let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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