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Our partnership with Eventbrite has helped thousands of event organisers save more time and get even better value out of evvnt marketing, but how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

Who are Eventbrite?

Eventbrite are the world’s largest ticketing platform. Event organisers can use Eventbrite to plan, promote and sell tickets to events of all sizes.

How have evvnt partnered with Eventbrite?

We’ve partnered with Eventbrite in two ways. The first allows us to offer Eventbrite ticketing from within the evvnt app – great for event organisers who don’t already have ticketing set up. The second sees us included as part of Eventbrite Spectrum, a set of marketing tools available to all Eventbrite users.

Eventbrite Spectrum

Spectrum? What’s that?

Eventbrite Spectrum was launched as a limitless directory of event extensions – powerful tools for planning, managing, promoting, and tracking events.
Within Eventbrite Spectrum we are offering ‘Broadcast’ – a free distribution tool to 10 listing sites for all events. By installing the extension in Eventbrite, users can easily access our free event marketing from within their ‘Manage’ event sections.

What sort of reporting is within Eventbrite Spectrum?

Once our ‘Broadcast’ tool has been installed here, it’s very simple to use. From the ‘Manage’ tab of any event in Eventbrite, a menu of ‘Extensions’ is available with ‘Broadcast’ as one of the options.
Selecting ‘Broadcast’ allows you to confirm your event details before publishing them to our network sites. Once you’re happy with your event details, click ‘Promote My Event’.
You’ll then be sent to the mini-dashboard for your event, where you can see details of the sites we’ve published your event to. We also display traffic information from sites to your Eventbrite ticketing page.
From here you can view your full report and visit the event application, as well as take advantage of any additional listings sites available for your event.

The evvnt app

So how does the integration in the evvnt app work?

Inside the evvnt app, every event submission has the opportunity to set up an Eventbrite ticketing page or import an existing Eventbrite event.

To get started you simply need to connect an Eventbrite account. Visit the event submission page and you’ll see the connection button. Click ‘Eventbrite’ and follow the simple steps to securely connect your account.


Once an account has been connected you’ll be able to import your events.

Whichever you choose, your event report will include additional information about ticketing. We’ll now track traffic from our publisher network to your ticketing page along with showing you the total number of tickets sold, and the value of them.

How can I find our more about my ticket purchasers, and collect my ticket revenue?

Within the Eventbrite account you connected with you’ll be able to arrange a payout and download full details of your ticket purchasers.

So how do I benefit?

Using either of our Eventbrite integrations adds serious value to your event marketing. Linking your evvnt listings to your ticket sales allows you to monitor the ROI of using evvnt by viewing the number of tickets sold as a result of listing your event online.

Help! Something’s not working as I expected!

Although the oldest trick in the book, the first thing we’d advise is to disconnect your Eventbrite account and reconnect it.
If that doesn’t work, our helpdesk has some useful guides on Eventbrite and also some very helpful support staff to answer your questions!

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