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We have been working with Netguru for over 2 years now and we started with an Indian offshore team (Nightmare), we moved to in-house which was expensive and hard to recruit the talent pool based on our tight start-up budgets and after much hesitation moved to Netguru.
The fear of moving your tech stack to an outsourced team is overwhelming and you simply can’t keep making changes… we looked at what we needed and the list was simple. Affordable, managed and tested code with the ability to scale up and scale down on a 30 day period, we also needed Ruby On Rails development skills, accessible within 2 hours from London with English speaking smart people to work with.
The BIG ASK – we wanted to feel our ‘people’ were OUR people and that they could contribute to the vision and innovation of the technology development not just code off a task list. Innovation and cutting-edge contribution is CRITICAL to any technology company competing in today’s tech culture
We decided we’d die if we did not find a solution to development so we made the decision to move. In the first four weeks it’s shaky, you are dealing with your entire process and system being turned upside down… THEN… you get a sense of direction and leadership.
It all really starts with getting on a plane and landing in Poznan where we meet the team, understand the seriousness of the operation and start to sense the opportunity of working with a well organsised and professional best in class outsourced development company – Netguru met the mark.

THE Netguru POD CAST – Check out the Podcast (snippet from our Yext App Directory Launch)

We then went through a process of Netguru bringing our code and process up to speed with a standard I’d have to say is the best I’ve seen – I now feel very confident our stack is in great shape and when contractors step in or when we gear up the team, they contribute quickly supporting our agile approach.
Wiktor Schmidt CEO at Netguru, Angel Investor, YPO’er continues to impress me with his drive, commitment to our success, aside leading his own organisation’s growth, responding to every social message personally, taking time to take clients for lunch and surrounding them with exceptional staff whenever we turn up at their offices he continues to offer support and guidance.
His leadership in his own organisation’s growth has taken them from 100 staff to 200 in the time we’ve worked with Netguru, a true testament to the company as a whole.
I’d also like to make a special mention to Magdalena Bogdał Senior Leader Project Manager w Netguru who has literally dragged us through and dealt with every issue and concern with patience and professionalism – an exceptional project manager and member of the Netguru team.
Let’s not forget – Radosław Piątek Senior Ruby on Rails Developer w netguru who did all the work – Thanks Rad.
We are always SO busy, but I’ve been meaning to write this personal blog post for some time and todays that day I got to do it – Richard Green – CEO & Founder.

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