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Kickstarting the session with Howard Lerman who introduces the room and begins on how web search brings information, the story leads us to believe information should be more readily available via our trusted brands delivering this information first. We are moving away from business websites delivering information but information being delivered by the worlds very best web brands and indeed search in innovative new ways.
Howard Lerman Yext co-founder & CEO

  • Google Knowledge Graph – drives how data is collected and organised.
  • How local data is being served to us via voice recognition technology

Marc Ferrentino Chief Strategy Officer at Yext
Here we see Marc cover the power of analytics on local data and local search which forms a story on how best to build reach. The key points here are on the ability to take insights at group level but also at a per venue basis that drills into customer actions and activities that define value for the business owner.
The Problem 

  • Your brand is fragmenting.
  • Your business information is spread all over the web and on multiple channels.
  • Need to achieve brand consistency.
  • Analytics on what’s happen via third party sites enables decision making.

Yext – What does success look like

  • Local results over search results.
  • Knowledge Graph.
  • Organic results.
  • Combination – Local pack and knowledge graph.

The release of the App Directory enables bringing information together from leading software brands ensuring customer data can seamlessly be used within the Yext environment to drive reviews, content, customer activities.

The following companies are launching integrations in the Yext App Directory in its first week:

Looking forward to see Yext at Inbound in San Francisco in November 2017.

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