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We have been planning our strategic next stage investment since August 2016 looking at how best to raise money, with the right type of investors in the correct countries to ensure we not only raise capital but an influential network of investors and supporters of our mission to become the best place to promote an event online.

The evvnt Investor Video – 2017 from Richard Green on Vimeo.
We launched our strategy as of today,

  • Monday 7th August 2017: We kicked off with a private funding link on Crowdcube which is currently being passed to family, friends, our close network and our 28k customers.
  • Friday 18th August 2017: NYC – We kick off meetings in NYC to answer questions on the investment round and open the floor up to customers and angel investors who are US and NYC based.
  • Monday 21st August: NYC – We go live publically on Crowdcube for the next 4 weeks to offer shares to our customers and business partnerships –
  • Tuesday 22nd August: Augusta – We present our business to a US Newspaper and media company to see if they wish to join the raise and also use our service across their company, late stage negotiations.
  • Tuesday 29th August: San Francisco for the launch of evvnt discovery services on SFGATE and SEATTLE PI – we will be hosting investor meetings during the week.
  • Monday 21st September 2017: Our investment closes.

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Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners