evvnt Launches Strategic Partnerships Targeting US Local News and Media
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Evvnt Launches Strategic Partnerships Targeting US Local News & Media Industry

San Francisco, USA, February. 26, 2018 – Evvnt Inc, the digital event marketing platform, has announced its expansion into the USA that includes six strategic partnerships with leading data, ticketing, platform and search companies. Launching integrations including Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Universe, Bandsintown, Ticketsauce and SpokenLayer, means that Evvnt continues to prove itself as the solution to the challenge of monetizing online event discovery and promotion for the news, media and publishing industry.


Richard Green, CEO of Evvnt explained “For decades news groups have been supplied feature-rich event discovery platforms and data services that cost thousands of dollars in license fees, without focussing on the ultimate return – ad revenue. Evvnt’s turnkey solution for news media, which now includes event discovery & reseller tools, has the potential to deliver exceptional marketing value to local organisers, drive SEO traffic back to site and ultimately provide a new revenue stream. We are set to generate over $1m for our early adopters which is a huge ‘win-win’ for local news publishers, and for their communities of event organizers looking to reach new audiences”.

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After launching with Hearst Communications’ SFGate and SeattlePI titles earlier this year, Evvnt is continuing to roll out its products to new partners across the US. By combining event calendar software, rich data and its aggregated network marketing service for resale, Evvnt is delivering a leading revenue solution across news & media titles whilst simultaneously helping event attendees discover the best events in their local areas. In addition to Hearst’s flagship titles Evvnt has also on boarded 60 more news sites, including Morris Communications’ “WhereTraveler” national network and the Metro Media US New York, Boston and Philadelphia news sites.


“It’s sophistication made easy!” Franc Coleman, Digital Product Manager at Hearst Media said, “My partnership with Evvnt has opened my eyes to the world of event marketing. Saving time by having my events populated on qualified, relevant, event listing sites in a matter of minutes along with search results is… game changing. Using Evvnt’s reporting analytics to provide greater transparency around our campaigns only adds to the value proposition of Hearst Media. I’m a firm believer that Evvnt is changing the event marketing space and I look forward to seeing what else this dynamic team brings to the table.”


Driving that event discovery is new relationships with Ticketmaster, the global market leader in ticketing, Bandsintown, the leading concert discovery platform, Eventbrite, the world’s largest ticketing and events technology platform, and Universe, who are providing their catalogue of events to further power Evvnt’s discovery calendars. In return Evvnt has also opened up its core product, the premium network of 4,000+ publishing sites to its major ticketing partners, helping event organizers to sell more tickets through targeted marketing, and making sure their events are seen across major news & media titles.

Evvnt are also introducing an integrated ticketing solution as part of the event submission experience. Organisers can now set up ticketing & marketing from one centralised platform, choosing between leading providers Eventbrite, Ticketsauce and Universe.

“We are exciting about working with Evvnt to provide the ability for their customers to create events and sell tickets,” stated Travis Fisher, CEO of TicketSauce. “Event ticketing and event discovery are two critical components that drive new revenue and data for media partners. Richard and the Evvnt team create the robust discovery experience that partners very well with the TicketSauce platform.”

Richard Green added “we are listening very carefully to news publishers to ensure we supply a service that meets their needs, Ticketsauce has made impressive in roads with our target market and continues to be the preferred choice for a number of large news organizations, it’s clear that white label ticketing revenue is a quick win and we felt it essential we integrate and combine the offering.”


Moving into new markets, Evvnt will also be piloting event discovery through voice technology with SpokenLayer, based out of New York. Delivering event suggestions alongside news via popular smart-home technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the two companies are designing a solution for major news publishers that helps keep media consumption on the forefront of technology. Richard Green commented “Watching my daughters instinctively engage in voice search to get web based results really highlighted the simplicity and direction for future generations to access local news content and SpokenLayer are well placed to ensure we surface local events data.”

Jeremy Mims, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at SpokenLayer: “SpokenLayer powers voice experiences for leading media companies like Gannett, McClatchy, Hearst, Univision, Oath, Time, Medium, Politico and many more. We know that local events are an important piece of what users want on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant/Home, and Apple’s Siri. We’re excited to work with Evvnt as a valuable resource for local events content on the SpokenLayer platform.”



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