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Twitter is a flexible and fun platform to connect with customers online. There are lots of great ways to pub or bar venues to reach out to customers and build a large audience on Twitter.

Simply follow these 10 tips of tweets to promote your bar or pub venue and you will start to show great results very soon.

1. Limited offers in real-life
Give your Twitter account a quick boost and offer great rewards for customers like LVPO bar’s offer to win a free round of cocktails. This method will also help you collect email address that may not already be in your database.
2. Get talking to start selling
Seize the opportunity to attract customers to your venue and get talking to them directly. If you listen well and always respond to your tweets you may even make a sale directly through Twitter.
3. Don’t neglect your customers
Most people who are active on Twitter are not afraid to express their opinion. Sometimes this will mean that you might hear negative feedback about your venue, but it’s not too late to bring these people around. Be vigilant and always respond to negative comments with something helpful.
4. Build your email contact list
Share links to email newsletter sign-up form so your Twitter followers have the opportunity to connect with you on this platform. Tying this campaign in with a prize or special deal will increase the number of people who sign-up.
5. Connect with other locals
Social and tech-savvy brewers Mason and Taylor use regular local events and other local twitter accounts to direct people to their venue. If you’re on friendly terms with any local businesses, consider partnering up with them online to share local customers.
6. Ask for feedback
Twitter is a great device for eavesdropping. When someone mentions you on Twitter or tweets that they have been to your venue don’t be afraid to ask them if they enjoyed their visit. Take all comments on board.
7. Share a daily changing menu
Save money on printing costs and save time on compiling an email campaign by simply tweeting a clear picture of your daily menu. This is an easy and fun way for your Twitter followers to see what’s available to order each day.
8. Competitions
Increase your Twitter followers and spread the word about your venue around the Twitter community by encouraging people to RT your messages to be in with the chance of winning a prize.
9. Promote events
Events are an easy way to draw people in to your venue. Tweeting links or past reviews of your upcoming events can help attract local customers looking for things to do in the area.
10. Share great news and reviews
Worried you don’t have anything interesting to say? Share the comments or links to where other people have recommended and reviewed your venue.

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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