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If you’re using Twitter to build awareness and grow your event’s following, you’re probably already using the simple ways in which Twitter can be used by Event Promoters. But there are lots of other free tools that can help you manage and analyse your Twitter community. We have made a small list of effective tools to help you manage your event’s Twitter community

1.       Monitor community growth with Twitter Counter
Twitter Counter shows how your tweets are affecting the growth of your Twitter community. Enter your Twitter username, and a graph will be generated that illustrates the connection between the number tweets you post and the number of followers you have over a period of up to three months. You’ll also be given an indication of how many followers you’ll have in the future!

Use Twitter Counter to see when you’ve had a significant boost in followers in the past. Then, use this insight to shape your future Twitter strategy.

2.       Analyse your followers with ManageFlitter
ManageFlitter is a useful Twitter community-management tool with a free ‘unfollow’ feature. Enter your Twitter username to find out which of your followers aren’t following you back. Sort through and ‘unfollow’ your followers that have no profile image, speak a different language, and hardly interact.

ManageFlitter also shows which of your followers are very active. Scroll over an active account to see their bio, location, the average number of tweets they post per day, and much more. You’ll know which followers share your interests and and are in your location.

3.       Keep track of click-throughs with shortens long URLs and lets you customise your own URLs, which you can then insert into tweets. But that’s not all does: it’s also an amazing monitoring tool. Once you register for a account, all your shortened links as well as analytics for those links will be saved. Track the number of times each link has been clicked on from your tweets, see when most click-throughs occur, and much more.

Use to find out whether your Twitter activity plays a role in the success of your event: monitor how many click-throughs from Twitter go to your ticket booking site or website.

4.       Map your impact with Tweetreach
Tweetreach tells you how far a specific Tweet has travelled. It shows the impact of your tweet and lists the people that are sharing your content the most.

Copy and paste one of your tweets into the search bar, and a series of helpful charts and lists will be generated. Find out the exact number of Twitter accounts your tweet reached, the number of times it was retweeted, the ‘top contributors’ that shared your tweet the most and lots of other great stats.

Once you know which tweets reach the most people, you can then focus on that type in the future. You can also interact with your most avid content-sharing followers and encourage them to keep spreading your tweets.

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