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While there is an obvious incentive to run promotions before your event, it’s easy to forget that post-event marketing plays an important role in the overall marketing of your brand and events. Post-event marketing reminds people what a great time they had at the event, encouraging them to plan to attend future gigs. So once your event is over, and you’ve taken a well-deserved breather, it’s important to start thinking about how you can engage everyone who attended to give you feedback, share their great experiences with friends and book tickets for your next event.
Successful post-event activity can also show people what a great event they may have missed, encouraging them to book early for the next one, and might even contribute to revenue through the sale of promotional items. Here are 8 ideas for how event organisers or promoters can continue to promote an event, even after it’s over.

1) Publish Photos
One of the easiest ways to show off a brilliant event and get some extra promotion is through photographs from the night. Be sure to post the photos on your Facebook Page and either tag people you know yourself or get fans to tag themselves in photos so that the photos appear on the walls of your wider network.
There’s more to photos than Facebook, though. Add your images to Flickr or upload them to your website and be sure to tag them with relevant keywords. Images often appear prominently in Google search results so make sure your image is there at the top when someone searches for “great London club nights.”
You can even make some money off great photos by signing up for a professional account on and earning some cash when event attendees buy prints of photos featuring them and their friends.

2) Publish Videos
One step up from photos are videos. Again, these are fantastic for showing off a great night and more and more platforms allow you to showcase your video content. In addition to Youtube, which is the definitive video site, you can also upload videos directly to your Facebook page or include them on your website.
Be sure that all of your videos have a caption, which includes a website link and information on how to book tickets for future events. On YouTube, you can embed these captions and links directly into your video so people watching the clip can click to your website from the video itself.

3) Publish DJ Mixes
If you’re running a club night, find out if any of your DJs are willing to provide you with a sample mix you can upload to a site like This is a great way to showcase what kind of music you play at your events in addition to showing off your music taste – it provides a great mix for loyal fans who attended your event! Be sure you include links back to your website and information on upcoming events.

4)  Messages
Encourage people to plan their next great night out with you while the event is still fresh in their mind – send a message to your database 24 hours or less after the event is over. Not only is this a great way to get fans to book tickets for the next event, but this is also a great way to direct fans to your Facebook page, YouTube or Mixcloud to relive the night before.

5) Respond to Social Comments
Don’t wait until your next event to see what people were saying about you on social media channels. Do a couple of searches on Twitter, check your Facebook page and look at your FourSquare page to see who was tweeting about or checking into your venue or event. Be sure to thank anyone who attended by responding to them on the social media platform they used or retweet/share positive feedback and follow up with any negative comments to see how you can improve future events.

6) Send a Survey
If you’re looking for feedback on the event, send a follow up email to your database with a link to a short survey. You can use a service like Survey Monkey or Google Forms to quickly create a questionnaire to find out what people liked, and didn’t like, about the event. This has the double benefit of giving you great feedback and showing your fans and attendees that you value their opinion. Consider offering a prize or incentive to get more people to answer your questions and be sure that the last page of the survey contains information about your next event with a link to book tickets.

7) Send Out Your Next Event Listing
The day after your last event can be the perfect time to send out your next event listing to listings websites. Your event may have generated social media buzz, photos, videos and other media content online – exactly the sorts of things you want people to notice when they are looking for information about your event. Get as many people talking about your events as possible by combining the buzz from the last event with the buzz for the next one.
Event promotion doesn’t end when the event starts, in fact it can carry on well after the event is over. Use the comment section below to share your ideas for post-event marketing.

8) Ticket Offers
If the main objective is to encourage attendees to book tickets to the next event, consider offering a discount of their next ticket purchase. If your customers are already thinking about how much they enjoyed themselves, a small push in the form of a ticket offer might be enough to make them commit to that next purchase. Make sure you alert all of your customers to this offer through email or mobile messages, or with flyers at the event itself.

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