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One of the things that is often overlooked within event marketing, is the post-event marketing. However, post-event marketing is key to building an engaged group of regular attendees. This is why would like to talk about post-event marketing and rewarding your attendees after the event.
While posting photos or running a poll with past attendees can provide useful feedback, audiences are likely to be more interested in what rewards or special offers are available.

According to Social Sprout, who surveyed more than 1,000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users, around 86% of all social media users follow brands. Around 58.8% of these users follow brands in the hope of hearing about deals, special offers or promotions. Couple these findings with the fact that retaining the interest of current fans is often more rewarding to an event promoter than spending a lot of time trying to acquire new ones, and it’s clear that creating a loyalty scheme could hold big benefits to people organising events.
Read on to find out how to reward your event attendees and keep them coming back:

How to Reward People for Attending your Event:

1. Give Discounts on a Future Event
Previous attendees could be offered discount entry to a future event or a BOGOF ticket offer.

2. Support Them
Venues or event promoters can help support their attendees by following them on Twitter, engaging with them on Facebook or supporting the causes and other events that are important to the fanbase.

3. Partnerships
Event organisers should consider partnships with brands, publishers, record labels or venues to offer deals such as a free downloads or other merchandise that can be picked up at events.

4. Fan of the Week
Many venues, club nights or festivals hire in-house photographers to take pictures during events. Instead of just posting these images on Facebook, some canny promoters have realised the value of using these photos to encourage loyalty and sell tickets to upcoming events. Event organisers who manage a website, blog or regular newsletter can highlight people snapped at a previous event in a ‘Fan of the Week’ box with the winner receiving a prize each week.

5. Source Great Content
With dozens of different posters, flyers or invitations to print off and distribute, event organisers can quickly get swamped with the task of designing all the marketing materials required to promote an event. Promoters can offer a great opportunity to their more creative fans by asking for design ideas or submissions and showcasing their efforts on promotional materials.

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