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If you’re just starting to use Twitter to promote your events, it can be difficult to figure out the best ways to reach and grow your audience. But with over 300 million users worldwide, there are tons of potential event attendees out there for any event marketer that can reach them.

Read on for the best Twitter tools to build awareness and grow your Twitter following.

1.       Expand your reach with retweets
One of the best ways to build awareness via Twitter is to encourage retweets –re-posts of your tweets. Tweet about your event, and nicely ask your followers to retweet it. Once they do, everyone that follows that follower will see your tweet. This way, people who aren’t following you (yet) will learn about your event.

Always include a link to other marketing channels in your tweets – your website, event page, Facebook account, and ticket link. This way, retweets will drive traffic to your sites, and new people that are interested in your event will be able to find more details.

Keep track of the retweets you get by clicking the @Connect button at the top of your Twitter page. If some posts are retweeted more often than others, adjust your tweets accordingly!

2.       Access new audiences with hashtags
Hashtags (#) are a great way to spread your Twitter content further: they help build awareness around your events by making your posts visible to new people. Try placing a hashtag before a relevant keyword in your tweet, such as #liveevent, #freetickets or #eventsinangel. Anyone that searches for that keyword will see your tweet, even if they’re not following you.

Try searching for hashtagged keywords that are relevant to your event: if you’re organising a comedy event in Angel, for instance, search for #comedyAngel and you might find tweeters that’d like to attend your event.

3.       Find new followers with advanced search
Twitter’s Advance Search lets you search for words, people and places that relate to your event, so it’s a useful way to find new potential followers.

Search for certain words, like ‘live events’, or for a specific place like your event’s location. Then you’ll get a list of all relevant tweets. To really narrow the scope, search for certain words in a specific location… you could find people in the right area that are looking for events like yours.

4.       Use Twitter buttons on your marketing material
Twitter is an ideal platform to keep in regular touch with people that want to stay updated about future events. It’s always a good idea to give your contacts the option to follow you, and Twitter buttons are the perfect way to do this. Guide your contacts from other marketing channels towards your Twitter community by adding Twitter buttons to your newsletter, email, blog posts and ticket links.


Let us know if these Twitter tools help you build awareness around your events and grow your Twitter following.

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