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At last, summer is almost upon us. With the arrival of long days and (fingers crossed) warmer weather, comes the opportunity for event promoters to put on some great outdoor events that just aren’t possible during the rest of the year.

Sporting events, music festivals, food festivals, street parties, outdoor live music events, rooftop barbeques…the possibilities are vast.

What is it that incentivises people to attend an outdoor event instead of an indoor one? There can really only be one answer to this question – sunshine! Cooped up indoors for 8 months of the year, we Brits are famous for going slightly mad when the sun shows its face.

So you have a good idea for an outdoor summer event. How will the planning stage differ from a standard indoor event?

The main factor is exposure to the elements. British weather has a tendency to revert to type, and cloudless skies can turn grey and menacing in an hour or two. Therefore, the most important thing to have ready is a contingency plan if your event is hit by rain. Will you carry on and hope people show up anyway? Does the location where the event is to be held have a covered area where people can shelter? If the event has to be cancelled, how will you inform potential visitors? These are all things that need to be taken into account when planning your outdoor events.

Wimbledon is a great example of an event where the organisers are well prepared for inclement weather: as soon as rain stops play, the court covers are rolled out without any fuss and the spectators settle in to wait. With a summer barbeque, for example, this may not be so easy, but you should think about how you will cope if the weather doesn’t go your way.

Outdoor Events Safety

Roof parties have exploded in popularity recently, and it seems everywhere with a half-sturdy roof has been transformed into a Hawaiian beach/cocktail terrace/roller skating rink. Rooftop events do present particular safety issues though, especially if alcohol will be served at your event. Also, you must make sure that you can comply with health and safety regulations regarding fire exits and fences if your event will be open to the public.

Another safety factor to consider at a large outdoor event is the number of people expected and whether crushes could occur.

Summer Events Marketing

Promoting a big, one-off event can be a considerable amount of work, so you will need to start planning your marketing strategy early. Are you going to send out an email campaign to your subscriber base? How about social media channels like Twitter and Facebook? Obviously, a three-day music festival will need more advance promotion than a rooftop barbeque at a bar, as people need to make the decision to attend further in advance.

You might also want to consider using email and mobile marketing campaigns to target your subscriber base, especially if you have held similar events in the past.  Needless to say, you should try to collect as many names and email addresses as possible at the event itself.

Another option for marketing your outdoor event is to partner with other outdoor events that share the same target demographic. You can also simply turn up and hand out flyers outside!

Make the Most of Seasonal Features on  Listings Sites
Listings sites frequently have special ‘What’s on this summer’ features. If you are lucky enough to have a write up of your event included, it will guarantee that more potential visitors will find out about your event and hopefully result in higher visitor numbers. To have the best chance of being featured, you should submit your event with a full description at least 2-3 weeks in advance, as the sites’ editorial teams will need time to review and write up your event. These days, online is by far the most effective channel for event promotion, so you should use all the different platforms available, including listings sites, social media, and your own website.

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