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Facebook Pages offer a fantastic platform for music venues to interact with Fans and promote events. The increasingly large number of users on Facebook (now reportedly to have reached 700 million) means that there is massive scope for increasing your customer base and filling out your venue.

However, it is the very latest Facebook feature which really comes into its own when used to develop customer loyalty and a community around your venue.  A good Facebook Fan Page should encourage users to share photos, comment on the Wall, interact with the Page owner’s posts and act as advocates for the venue.

Every users interaction with a Page is published in their news feed, unless they have requested otherwise, which means for every Fan, there can be hundreds of different people that may be exposed to the venue. Therefore, the more interesting and interactive the content on your Page, the more likely it is to be shared. It is possible for Page owners to alienate Fans by constantly updating pages, increasing the likelihood that they will ‘un-Fan’ the Page or just remove its updates from their Newsfeed, so a careful balance must be struck between creating interactive communities and over communicating with your Fans.

What Makes a Successful Music Venue Fan Page

When businesses first started using Facebook for marketing purposes, many became obsessed with the number of Fans, naturally thinking the more the better.  When Facebook introduced fan Page Insights to the admins of Pages, it became much easier to evaluate the success of a Fan Page. The daily, weekly and monthly unique users give more detail of how Fans are interacting with Pages, these figures include Fans and non-Fans, so interesting content can go viral and greatly increase the number of page views or other interactions. Ultimately the goal of a Fan Page is to drive attendance to your venue and increase people’s awareness of your events.

A music venue Page should have an events tab with up-to-date information on upcoming gigs. Increasingly it is also becoming important to merge together your Fan Page and Place so that check-in information is stored in the same location. With Facebook places rapidly developing, more and more venues will take advantage of the deals functionality that will allow customers to activate promotions and special offers through checking-in. Since Facebook has allowed users to create apps for Pages using FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and now IFrames, there are endless opportunities to customise your Page. If you lack even basic HTML skills it is still easy to customise your Page through off the shelf 3rd party applications or by following DIY user guides that have been put together by programmers. The blog web distortion has a great article with some easy to follow guides to customise your Facebook Page, whether it’s adding a sign up form for your blog, integrating your Youtube videos, or tacking activity with Google analytics.

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