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All kinds of events, from music festivals to comedy nights, and from plays to exhibitions use sponsors to make their events bigger or increase their audience reach. But the first step to securing a fantastic event sponsor is knowing what to look for. This is why we have made a guide to help you find the perfect sponsor for your event.

There are three key points that anyone looking for an event sponsor, should always be on the lookout for.

Brand fit:
What does your brand or your event stand for? A potential sponsor’s brand should stand for something similar to yours – your two brands should work well together. Choose a sponsor with a complimentary brand identity, and it could help boost your brand three key points when looking for a sponsor…

Audience: Who’s your target audience? Will your sponsor’s brand help you engage with that audience? Or introduce you to a new audience group that you really want to engage with? That’s the kind of brand you should be working with.

Who else is involved: What other events or brand partnerships is your potential sponsor involved in? Do those brands resonate with your brand? Or are they brands you’d rather not be associated with?

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