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While many promoters and event organisers use Facebook to promote events online, Twitter often remains an underused platform for promoting events. While it’s important to target the platforms that your potential attendees frequent, Twitter’s focus on real-time information makes it an ideal platform to promote events at the last minute. So here are some ways you can measure the results of your event promotion on Twitter.

5 Ways to Track Results of Event Promotion on Twitter

1. Define Clear Goals
It will not be possible to effectively measure results of event promotion on Twitter without first defining clear goals. Is the goal to sell tickets? Increase number of followers? Or is the goal to get lots of mentions and RTs on Twitter? Remember to answer these questions before beginning promotion on the platform.

2. Create a Content Strategy
Keep a list of keywords and topic ideas to build content for email, mobile or traditional marketing campaigns leading up to the event. These keywords can then be used to track relevant conversations on Twitter. Tracking the popularity of these keywords will help organizers hone their content strategy to use the most popular keywords in their future communications.

3. Use Search Tools
While measuring the number of @username mentions or RTs that an account receives will indicate improved conversation, it is often more useful to keep track of search terms relating to a company or event. If a promoter only monitors @username mentions, they could

4. Monitor Reputation
Although Twitter’s own analytics tools have yet to be unveiled, there are several well respected services such as Klout and Brandwatch that measure the influence of individual Twitter accounts. These services will  inform users about what topics their accounts are influential about and show the exact number of people that they influence, which is a more accurate

5. Don’t Isolate the Message
Event organisers need to take a holistic approach to their promotion. Twitter is a great tool to target specific groups but it will only be effective as part of a wider strategy. Make Twitter a key source of traffic to monitor by setting goals using Google Analytics.

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