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You’ll have noticed that in recent times Facebook has changed the way Pages look to make them work more like personal Profiles. They have a timeline on the front page so the latest information will always appears first, which is great for making sure the freshest content is always viewable but not so good if there’s something you’ve chosen to promote above the latest posts. After all, you probably want people to know about the event you’ve got coming up, not what the most recent visitor had for breakfast. But how do you make the most of your Facebook page for events

How can you make sure those important posts and promotions are not missed by visitors to your page? This is where pinning and highlighting those more important posts comes in.

Pin and Highlight Important Content
If you have an important message or promotion, you can fix it to the top of your timeline so that it will stay there, regardless of what new posts come up. The post will remain there for 7 days, whereafter it returns to the date it was posted on the timeline.

If you choose to pin something, make sure it includes a picture, to make it larger and more prominent on the page. You can pin a post by clicking the pen symbol in the upper-right hand corner and selecting ‘Pin to Top’ from the dropdown.

Highlighting a post is as simple as clicking the star in the upper-right hand corner of a post – this will make the post expand across both columns, so make sure your image and your post look good at this size.

Change the order of your Apps
Below the cover image of your page you have a handful of boxes that can help advertise your promotion, such as Apps, Photos or Likes. You should make sure you have the most important ones visible. The ‘photos’ box will always appear first, but after that the choice is yours.

To edit the line-up of boxes, click the down arrow you can see to the right of the boxes, now when you hover over the upper-right hand corner of the boxes, the pen icon will appear. Click on it and you will see the option to ‘Swap position with X’, where X is the name of one of your other boxes.

Why not have a Static FBML box with an Evently sign-up form in it? This way you can use your Facebook page to collect email addresses and mobile numbers.

Make your Cover Photo do more
Cover photo should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall and have to be flat images without links, but after that it’s up to you. We’ve given you some useful proportions above to know when sizing up your images.

Your cover image doesn’t just have to be something tasteful you found on Instagram, it can have info about promotions you’re running, your weekly events schedule, your Twitter handle and even have prompts reminding fans to like your page or sign-up on the form.

What content should I promote to draw likes?
Try to find content that’s intriguing but still related to your events (so maybe no kitten GIFs!). We recommend rich media, like DJ mixes from Mixcloud or Youtube videos of the performers. You can also link directly to performers’ web pages or blogs.

This means you can remind your fans about your upcoming event with some interesting content, as well as encouraging them to tell their friends about your events.

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