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Adding social sharing buttons to your email newsletters or flyers, can help your content, news or special offers to spread between friends naturally. Facebook’s Like button and Twitter Tweet Button lets a user share your content with friends on both platforms. When the user clicks the Like button or Tweet button on your email, a story appears on the Facebook or Twitter site.

Twitter and Facebook provide the HTML that enables anyone to add these sharing links to HTML emails and we’ve collected the necessary code and helpful guides to help you get started straight away.

These buttons work with javascript so you will not be able to share content with these buttons from a standard email template. You must use an online hosted version of your email, with the correct javascript embedded to enable people to share your email content on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Add Twitter and Facebook Share Buttons to Your Emails

Facebook Share Button
To add a Facebook Share button to your email newsletters, simply grab the code below and insert it directly into your HTML email template to make it easy for your email recipients to start sharing this page immediately:

<a name="fb_share"></a>
<script src=""

If you’re not yet confident about how to position this button within your email templates, or if you would like to customise the links then read Facebook’s Guide to Using the Share Button.

Facebook Like Button
Although the Share button has been a useful tool to help spread email content socially, Facebook has decided to deprecate this type of button, in favour of their more flexible, and popular Like button.

To add the Like Button to HTML emails, simply visit Facebook’s Guide to Using the Like Button and add the link of the page you want to promote in the box on the left.

There are several ways to customise how your Like button will appear, without any need to know how to manipulate HTML.

Facebook lets users customise the layout by altering the display text, colour scheme, size and even the font.

Twitter’s Tweet Button
To add the Tweet Button to HTML emails that will default to the current page displayed, simply copy and paste the code below into the HTML version if your email template:

<a href=""
class="twitter-share-button" data-count="vertical"
data-via="YOUR TWITTER USERNAME">Tweet</a>
<script type="text/javascript"


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