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Properly targeting your email marketing is key to increasing engagement and ultimately delivering a better ROI for your online marketing activity.

If your open rates are poor and campaigns are receiving high unsubscribe rates perhaps it is time to investigate sending more directly targeted campaigns to your customers.

Here’s our guide to creating a targeted email campaign for your business and an explanation of the benefits:

1. How to target your email campaign
If you’re a relative newbie to email marketing it’s advisable to learn the ropes before you begin to create targeted segments in your customer list. Early on, the temptation can be to try to grow your subscriber base as rapidly as possible, however this will likely mean that you are giving less care and attention to sending relevant content to match the different interests of your users.

2. What are your customers interested in?
By using online survey tools such as surveymonkey, you can engage with your customers and find out which of your services they are most interested in. Although you may be hesitant about bugging your customers they will appreciate you attempting to provide them with the most relevant content possible.

The results of your customer surveys can be used to create lists segmented by customer interests which will help to engage your customers more directly with your content. You can include surveys on your website or integrate them into an email newsletter you send to new sign ups. Knowing your customer interests will help make your email marketing more stress free and allow you to send updates to your customers you know want to receive them, without having to worry about a mass of unsubscribes.

3. Promote social sharing
By sending targeted campaigns, it is likely that you will be creating more emails in order to provide relevant content to your different lists. Encouraging customers to share your content on social media is a great way to promote your company and create a buzz around your brand.

If you are sending one email to all of your contacts, the likelihood is that your content will be fairly generic and unspecific. No matter how much you push for this content to be shared on social media, it is unlikely to happen, customize your content and target it at different interest groups and you will infinitely increase the likelihood of social sharing. The best method to increase the likelihood of social sharing is adding links to social media somewhere within your email campaigns.

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