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The more ‘Likes’ on your event’s Facebook page, the better. A ‘Like’ shows that someone is engaging with your brand and event – and can also act as an endorsement to other people, opening up potential new audiences. As soon as someone ‘Likes’ your page, your posts and page activity will show up on their news feed so there are more opportunities to engage with them. Which is of course the reason we would all like to increase the number of likes of our event Facebook pages.

So what can you do to help increase the number of ‘Likes’ that your event is getting? We asked some event goers what made them click on that ‘Like’ button…

1. News and updates about the event: Like?
Almost half of event goers ‘Like’ an event’s Facebook page to receive regular updates and news about the event. This is good news, as it means they’re genuinely interested and engaged!

So, focus on regularly updating your page with information about your event. This helps build your customers’ excitement and anticipation ahead of the event – and means they’ll keep checking in.

2. The opportunity to win: Like?
No surprise here… a third of event goers ‘Like’ an event Facebook page if there’s a chance they could win prizes or tickets. But this might not be the start of a meaningful relationship! It can be tricky to convert ‘Likes’ from competitions into long-term engaged followers: once the competition’s over, they’re unlikely to visit your page again. So, focus on using this tactic at times you want to increase awareness, like during ticket sales.

3. Great articles: Like?
In theory, it seems to make sense to break up event ‘updates’ and ‘news’ posts with relevant, interesting articles. But it’s not that popular – only 10% of people like this.

It takes a lot of time to write great articles, so if you already have the content, use it, but don’t spend time creating it just for your event’s Facebook page.

4. Telling my friends: Like?
Just under 10% of event goers ‘Like’ your page solely to show their friends what they’re into. Again, this is good news as it means that 90% are ‘Liking’ for genuine reasons!

5. Interesting debate: Like?
Putting some effort into sparking healthy debate on your event page sounds like a good way to boost engagement before, during, and after your event. But only 4% of event goers said that taking part in interesting discussions influenced them in deciding whether to ‘Like’ an event’s Facebook page. So, if you’re short on time, this is probably something you can pass on.


‘To like or not to like’ seems a pretty easy question for your customer. If there’s something in it for them, whether that’s useful information or the prospect of winning something, they’ll click on your ‘Like’ button.

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