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If you are hoping to develop your events or venue’s online presence, knowing how to effectively write content for Twitter is a key skill. Admittedly, when you first start out writing tweets, creating a message in only 140 characters can seem quite limiting. However, the hidden benefit of this restriction is the fact that it forces businesses to come up with engaging and concise insights to the company.

Other than the act of writing the content, it’s also vital to update your account regularly; it’s no good writing exceptionally good content if it only appears once a month, the same applies if you are over saturating your followers with too much content. While this may work for celebrities and other public figures, you cannot afford to irritate your followers with numerous posts that offer little value to them.

Follow these 4 tips to ensure your Twitter content is relevant and works to maximise your business:

1. Understand Twitter before you begin using it
Too many companies have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon before they have a good understanding of its unique intricacies. If you are going to be using Twitter for marketing purposes, learn what the main ways of promoting your brand or venue are. Familiarise yourself with Twitter etiquette such as using the @ icon before someone’s username so they can follow your tweets and refraining from spammy behaviour such as sending regular automated messages.

2. Remember Twitter is not SMS
It is easy to start writing Tweets in the other shorthand form people are familiar with, text messaging. This is a definite no-no and any forms of ‘text speak’ should be avoided. The Twitter community has developed its own style of shortened messaging, focussed on removing unnecessary words such as personal pronouns and generally choosing words based on their length but also their impact. For example, I’m going to….. becomes going to. Given a choice between 2 adjectives e.g. entertaining and fun, go with the latter, but bear in mind you want to choose words that  have as much impact as possible.

3. Post short links
When you want to direct your Twitter followers to another website, you can use link shortening services such as or tinyurl. These services will ensure that you can include links to any content you want without having to take up too many ofthose precious characters. Some providers such as and also provide analytics on their links, a great way to maximise ROI from your social media activity. Another useful link shortener feature worth mentioning is the ability to customize your links. This is a practise often followed by big corporate companies who want to maintain branding when they post shortened links, however there are several free services which can add custom content to shorted links, check out doiop.

4. Be vigilant
One of the key ways to ensure you’re writing good Twitter content is keeping an eye on your competition. Take one of your main competitors, preferably one with a popular and active Twitter account and develop an understanding of what they are tweeting. This first step will give you a basis to begin creating your own content with the safety net of knowing you’re following a well trodden path. Don’t Tweet too often or send many Tweets within a short space of time, doing so will clog up your followers’ feeds and may cause them to unfollow your account.

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