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The internet has always been a brilliant way to share music and since the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are now even more opportunities for promoting bands and gigs online.

Twitter is still a largely underrated tool for finding and sharing music but that looks set to change as Twitter is slowly boosting the site functionality to include hosting images, video and music on their site.

If you’re in a band,  run a venue or are a gig or club promoter, have a look at Evently’s top 5 tips to promote music on Twitter.

Top 5 Tips To Promote Music On Twitter

1. Share photos, video and songs

Multimedia links aren’t just for Facebook. Twitter lets you share links to radio interviews, YouTube clips of live performances or SoundCloud links to your latest tracks.

Users can also upload images of behind the scenes photos or flyers for upcoming gigs directly to the Twitter stream (see left), with services like TwitPic.

2. Sell music online

Twitter recently partnered with the iTunes music sharing app called Ping so users of Apple’s music social network Ping are now able to share song purchases and previews through Twitter to help promote their favourite bands.

3. Connect using #hashtags

Use #hashtags to promote your genre of music (#indie #dubstep), the location of your upcoming gigs (#camden, #london, #manchester), or  use music sharing hashtags (#spotify #lastfm) to share your favourite tracks with other users.

4. Connect with other Twitter users

Twitter is a fantastic place to get feedback. A band can get insight into what the community thinks of their latest track, suggestions for where their fans would like them to play a gig or to give their followers the oppourtunity to help pick artwork design for an upcoming album release. Treat Twitter as a direct line of communication with your fans.

5. Reward your followers

Bands, artists and promoters can use Twitter as a way to offer promotions and rewards to their readers like free tickets, album or single giveaways and even free downloads. It can also be a place for breaking news about your band and to provide exclusive content for your most loyal followers.

Top London Music Promoters On Twitter

1. @EatYourOwnEars
Exciting new artists, events, label showcases, djs, festivals

2. @whiteheatclub
It’s a club. Bands then DJs.

3. @lfclub
Laissez faire Club / Events / 7 inch label / Blog / Booking / DJs. Since 2006.

How bands and artists can interact with fans on Twitter

i) Offer a behind the scenes view into the life of the band and make sure all members take turns writing updates

ii) Don’t spam fans with links to gig listings or merchandise. There’s more to Twitter than trying to flog your t-shirts.

iii) Update your Twitter regularly.  Active Twitter accounts always attract more followers and people will keep checking back for the latest news.

iv) Try to reply to all fans’ messages using @username replies. This will show that you care about them and makes it more likely that people will keep talking to you.

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