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This week we are in Vail, Colorado for the LEAP ROUNDTABLE and under pressure to deliver our Revenue Generating Event Calendars message to a room of senior executives from the newspaper industry. I’ll be reporting back live from the event with presentations and learnings.

Here is the deck I presented today to 40 newspaper executives along side three other technologies simply identifying the opportunity for newspapers to convert the untapped market of events submission in to new business revenues.

Day 1 – Wednesday 22nd August – 2018

Revly$ts top 4 technology companies take the stage to present their service offering under the header of Shark Tank.

  • TapOnIt: A leader in mobile database development, management and monetization through innovative digital platforms and direct to phone advertising, ultimately increasing traffic and sales to local businesses.
  • Responsive Ads: A creative management platform to convert digital display ads into engaging ads with improved monetization.
  • Evvnt: A turn-key event marketing solution that converts event listings into significant revenue generators.
  • Spotible: A digital ad technology that populates throughout all screens and devices, engaging high margin video advertising.

TapOnIt deals won the award form most engaging presentation and congratulations to Katie – check out TapOnItDeals

Day 2 – Thursday 23rd August – 2018

The Strategic State of News Media Worldwide – Earl Wilkinson (Executive Director & CEO, INMA) – talks about the global transformation of the news industry correlating UAE to India to the six or 7 transformations already occurring if not occurred in the US. Key focus for progress is set around 4 pillars.

  1. Culture – Interesting this is where I started once we’d secured new funding at Evvnt.
  2. Strategy – Having the strength to define a strategy & leadership from hire to build and through to execution.
  3. Innovation – For a technology company innovation is at our core, but we have resource restrictions at every turn
  4. Execution – Critical, I’m obsessed with execution.

Digital Value Proposition – Subscription Business.

  1. Content – Evvnt is about enabling Event organisers content and distributing great content.
  2. Community – Accessing targeting and relevant communities.
  3. Convenience – Speed to market, replacing a good method with technology opportunity
  4. Cause – Drive home a purpose.

Dan Petty, Digital Director of Audience Development, Digital First Media – exceptional presentation by Dan Petty which focuses on digital subscriptions, I’ve not seen a deliver that good since Google.

Matt Sandberg, Director/Marketing & Innovation, Swift Communications –

  • We want to be the earths most customer centric company. ‘Amazon’

To my favourite slide of the day

Day 3 – Friday 24th August – 2018

8:00-10:00: The Strategy Behind Digital Transformation – Digital leaders responsible for developing and implementing a cohesive strategy for their respective companies will share the details of those efforts in a moderated panel discussion.

Faculty participants include:

  • Matthew Ipsan – Moderator (EVP/Accudata)
  • Jeff Moriarty (SVP/Digital, GateHouse Media)
  • Edwin Ruis (Integrated Revenue Director, Swift Communications)

Summary of the Event

It would be a privilege to be able to attend this event again, no vendors pitching everyone constantly, attendees arriving with a light schedule and open and relaxed discussions occurring over the 3 days. The LEAP Roundtable captures something quite unique in it’s creation – Trust, to have 40 senior executives take 3 days out of their schedule to participate at an event of this size shows the value surfaced and shared.

A friendly and open bunch, news royalty, much laughter and at the core highly relevant discussions that felt like the very cutting edge issues and opportunities facing the newspaper industry.

I’d like to take this opportunity to Thank Greg Osberg from Revlyst for inviting me, Ryan Ellis and Jeff Moriarty for their kind transportation to and from Vail, Colorado and lastly Tom Ratkovich | Managing Director LEAP Media Solutions for the kind hospitality beyond my pitch day.

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