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What is an average bounce rate?
The first time you email a list you may have a bounce rate up to 20% as you clear out any junk data in your mailing list. For subsequent mailings you should only have a 1% or 2% bounce rate. If you experience higher rates then you should check your list source and data collection practices for accuracy.

What is an average click-through rate?
How long is a piece of string? If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? We don’t mean to be facetious, but click-though rates are heavily dependent on content, design, offers and calls to action. Because there are so many variables dependant on the click-through rate, there is no widely accepted industry standard.

What is an average email open rate?
Email open rates vary widely across different industries and sectors but we advise all clients to aim for a 10 – 30% open rate or higher.
As you become more experienced with email marketing, it will become easier to calculate a normal open rate for your database.
Remember that the biggest factors in achieving a high open rate are the ‘From’ name, the subject line, and snippet text/preview pane.

What is an average email unsubscribe rate?
At Evently we’d love for all our customers to have less than a 2% unsubscribe rate, but you may have some teething problems initially. We recommend you run opt-in campaigns and test your emails using the reporting provided by Evently.
If your unsubscribe rate is much higher than 2%, it’s likely that your customers think that your emails are not relevant and unwanted or you are mailing too frequently. A high unsubscribe rate when mailing new email subscribers is quite common and isn’t a cause for concern, while one down the line might be.

How long should an email be?
There is no minimum or maximum length of an email, but generally speaking the shorter the better. Emails should provide recipients with key pieces of information in an easily digestible way; they should act as a tool to guide people to more information or drive them to take action. If detailed information is required then include a link to your website, but avoid producing long or dense emails. As you (evaluate your email campaigns)- link to blog posts- it is a learning curve, with people generally opting to shorten their emails over time.

How long should an email subject line be?
It is widely accepted that email subject lines should not be longer than 50-60 characters. Subject lines longer than this are likely to be cut-off due to display settings in different email providers. However, industry testing has proven that very short or long subject lines can also be effective, so it is best to test and see what works best for your particular customer group.

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