How to Create the Perfect Mobile Landing Page for Event Promotion
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With the number of smartphone users set to soar this year, and the expected launch of new devices, there’s no doubt that smartphones will gain further market share over traditional handsets.

IPhone and Android handsets are rapidly becoming a must-have gadget of choice especially among younger consumers.
With steady growth in this market, ignoring the opportunities offered by mobile apps could lead to the loss of an incredible business opportunity.

In the event marketing industry, which is able to fully utilise established digital marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter, adding another medium for message distribution, promotion, and marketing seems to be a matter of common sense. But, how can event promoters harness the potential offered by smartphones? Read on for the most useful tips on how to create a perfect mobile landing page for an event.

Mobile landing pages should contain content that is optimised for smartphones; meaning that the text is short, the images have been reduced in size and adjusted for the mobile audience and the calls-to-action are clear and appropriate for the mobile user.

1. Navigation
Describe your event clearly in the header of the mobile landing page so it is intuitive and uncluttered.

2. Size
Provide a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. No page should exceed more than 100 kilobytes.

3. Scrolling
Don’t make the user scroll horizontally, make them scroll vertically.

4. Content
Keep the landing page simple with content that is straightforward. Headlines should be clear and concise followed by a promotional slogan that will be appealing to the audience of the individual event.

5. Beware Flash
Be careful with the use of flash as not all mobile phones (like Apple’s iPhone) will support it.

6. Speed
Test the speed of your mobile landing pages. If a Page is slow to load, users may not wait.

7. Call to action
Any call-to-action buttons like ‘click here’ or ‘do it now’ should be clearly marked to easily direct the consumer to the offer.

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