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Howdy y’all. Hopefully you saw our last piece about the best techniques for promoting your event in the run-up, well guess what, the fun doesn’t stop there. There are few better ways of marketing event than events themselves. As well as that, between events you want to keep the engagement going with interesting content and updates so your fans don’t forget about you. These are our tips for clubbing promoters to promote during and after the event!

Mind-blowing During-the-event Tips

1. Stream it to the world
Consider livestreaming the event like the guys and gals of so the unlucky ones can see how much they’re missing out, but still feel like they’re part of the action.

2. Display tweets live at your event
For this you’ll need is an internet connection, a (tatty) laptop, a portable projector and some sticky-back plastic. You’ll then need to search out one of the numerous free tools, like Twitterfall, that will display a waterfall of cascading tweets around a topic, hashtag or search term (or several) which you define. With Twitterfall you can also add ‘exclusions’ like swear words or rival brand names.

A good way to test it’s working is to try the search term ‘Bieber’, which leads to a terrifyind endless stream of nonsense. Now add ‘Justin’ as an exclusion and the stampede slows down to a Justin-less crawl. Lovely.

Our advice: Make a #hashtag for the name of your event, so that it will get trending in your area. Just make sure you keep it snappy – no-one will tweet about #mattsbloodybrilliantpartywoohoo


The Event is over, but your work is just beginning…

1. Hire a photographer and get the pictures on Facebook
To market your events you’re going to need content to do so – mixes, videos and photos. When you upload your photos make sure you add your logo in the images and start shouting about the pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

Stalking, tagging, liking and commenting are the four pillars on which Facebook was built. You can prompt this with a little competition and Hey Presto – your clubnight is appearing on peoples’ News Feeds who’ve never heard of you.

2. Video (again)
Share footage online from the event or the tune that hit biggest, because you still want to show people why they suck for missing such a great party! it should hopefully bring back good memories for the people who were there and they’ll share it with their pals.

3. Post Event Press
Share any good press from the event online such as interviews from your acts or any live reviews. [continue talking to your audience when nothing is going on, until you have another event to start talking about.

4. Blog
Open up the option to select fans (tastemakers) to possibly reviewing the event which can then be seeded and shared this can be linked the the event photos on Facebook or a special reviewers instagram possibly.

We out. Comment, share and see you next time!

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