The Best Ways to Promote Events on Facebook
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We’ve crowd-sourced some great suggestions from our LinkedIn Group and received good tips on which are the best ways to promote events on Facebook.
What Are The Best Ways to Promote Events on Facebook?

We asked our LinkedIn Group; “What Are The Best Ways to Promote Events on Facebook?

1. Update regularly
Social media monitoring can allow you to talk to your target market. By engaging with them on a regular basis, it can be a very good way to influence your target market.
Patrick Murphy

2. Get your timing right
Engaging your audience through social media is a great way to get their attention. However, Facebook is designed so that posts will not show up on a newsfeed indefinitely. Posting updates can help get your message out, but you need to make sure you’re sending out information at the appropriate time in order to really influence your audience.

3. Create events through your existing page
I typically start event marketing by creating the event through my Facebook Page or Group. That will automatically allow you to promote the event to your fans (assuming they are part of the target audience)

I also have started to create groups with my connections / friends so that I can invite specific people to the event that I’m already connected with.
I ask people who are currently RSVP’ed to spread the word, offer incentives for those who share (discounted entry to the event, free drink), etc. I also make sure to post about the event on a regular basis leading up to the date to ensure that everyone in the fan / friend network is aware the event is happening.
Lindsay Hunt

4. Connect Facebook with your other marketing channels
Perhaps you need a Facebook audience that is well engaged with the brand before you start promoting your event. That way they will be more likely to become advocates of your brand and event.

Integrating your Facebook campaign with other mediums like email marketing and other social networks may be more effective than purely Facebook.

5. Try Facebook advertising
Ads definitely work. I would expand your FB ads to include Google. You can target by demo, geo, etc. I would also link your website to your event page and have people RSVP. There are other 3rd party apps that can help you capture data for future events. I’m putting link here. Also, email those who are already fans of your page from the event tab.

Also, if you haven’t already create a welcome page which has people like your page before they can see content and in that welcome page, promote your event again. Make sure you also change your settings so when people come to your page, the event page is the first page they see.
Michelle Manire

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