Matching Your Audience and Your Halloween Events
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With Halloween fast approaching, you can expect to see a rise in the number of cobwebbed windows, plastic skeletons and bed-sheet ghosts. Halloween is a great way to drive footfall to your events or venue because so many people want to celebrate in full fancy dress. However more than any other time of the year, this holiday requires you to think carefully about your audience and make sure your Halloween events and audience are a match. We look at some examples of Halloween events that are right for certain audience types.

Halloween Events for Young Children
If your events typically cater to a primary school audience, you certainly don’t want to ramp up the fear factor too much. A great example of an Halloween event that has been specifically organised for Young Children comes from the ZSL London Zoo. Who organise boo at the zoo, a week of frightful fun, with ghost tours, halloween story tellings and a pumpkin party.

Sing-along witches songs and the warlock’s dance are a go, zombies and severed heads get a miss.

Halloween Events for Families
Family events differ from events for young children as the event organisers make an effort to provide entertainment for the whole family – parents included. Although the super scary is still off limits, sometimes the choice of venue can make all of the difference.

Halloween at the London Eye still includes a series of toddler- and kid-friendly activities but family members of all ages can enjoy a fancy-dress sky ride on the London Eye.

Halloween Events for Young Adults and Students
If you typically entertain a young adult or student crowd, you might find your events the subject of scorn if your scare factor induces more snickers than screams. Line up excellent actors who won’t laugh at the wrong time and lean towards the truly terrifying. An excellent example is London Ghost Tours, which gives a grimly gruesome tour of the ghostly haunts of east London.

Halloween Adults that Love Scary Events
These days it’s difficult to really scare the modern sceptical adult so cobwebs and fake spiders aren’t going to cut it. For some super scary inspiration, check out Horror Camp Live, a fully immersive overnight experience where attendees take part in a 13 hour living horror game in Blackburn.

Halloween Adults that Love Decadent Events
Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the fear factor. If your events attract an audience that are just interested in a decadent night of fancy dress, forget the ghosts and go for the glam.

The Last Tuesday Society’s annual Halloween balls are full of extravagance. Exceptional fancy dress is required and ballroom dance lessons (provided for a small fee the hour before the event begins) are mandatory.

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