Promoting Christmas Events with Email
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In the run-up to Christmas, consumers in the UK spend (on average) more money than at any other time of year. The Christmas and New Year party season is also full of events, so it’s a great time of year to encourage people to get out & about and to start promoting Christmas Events with the help of Email!

Using email to promote events and sell tickets can be a very effective way to boost interest and get people talking.

At Bullseyehub, we’ve designed a special Christmas themed email template for our clients to use during the upcoming festive season:

An Example of a Christmas Themed Email Template

5 Christmas Email Marketing Tips

1. Start early
People plan for Christmas early. A busy period for Christmas events can start as early as mid November, so consider planning your first campaign before everyone else get involved.

2. Offer group discounts
Unlike regular events, where only two or three people may be involved, big Christmas events often involve a large crowd and people will be on the hunt for offers that reflect a discount for large parties.

3. The subject is crucial
Since Christmas is such an important time of year for event organisers and party promoters, you need to plan your subject lines carefully to help you stand out from the flood of Christmas email that will be invading your customers’ inboxes.

4. Last Christmas
If this isn’t your first time sending out holiday emails, look back on your email campaigns from the same time last year to find out what worked best and how your recipients responded to your emails.

5. Pay attention
In a long length email campaign like Christmas, there’s plenty of oppourtunity to measure how well you’re doing and make changes to ensure results. Keep an eye on which links are generating the most clicks and make these a feature of future mail-outs.

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