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From few years ago, Facebook officially became the most popular website visited on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. In fact, the week leading up to Christmas is a very popular time for Facebook users because many people are off work and spend their hours busy looking at photo albums, updating their status or commenting on their friends and family’s Walls. With so many users around Christmas, Facebook is the perfect place to start promoting Christmas Events!

Christmas is an especially popular time for new visitors to the site, perhaps because younger users, at home with their family, are encouraging people from an older generation to see what Facebook is all about.

Whatever the reason for its popularity at this time of year, it’s clear that Facebook is the ideal way to get the word out about festive events, read on for more of our tips.

How to Promote Christmas Events on Facebook

1. Schedule your content
Create a social media promotional schedule in a spreadsheet to organise all your content into the run-up to your Christmas events. It’s important to keep your Pages and Groups active, but it’s much better to drip-feed the information over several weeks than post all your content at once.

2. Run a Christmas Facebook poll
Christmas is a very personal time of year and everyone has an opinion on how it should be celebrated. Use this to your advantage by running polls on such divisive festive issues such as what is the ideal Christmas movie, what to eat at Christmas dinner, or when it the correct time to open your Christmas presents. Once you’ve got people interacting with you on Facebook, it will make it easier to promote your events to them.

3. Get connected
Have a snoop around Facebook to find the Pages dedicated to your city or other local community organisations and businesses. “Like” their Page and then engage with their content in a non-spammy way, while still mentioning or linking to your upcoming event.

4. Customise
The recent changes to Facebook’s profile Pages (now called The Timeline) offers more flexibility and ability to customise features to promote events. As always, organisers connected to your event can change their profile picture to the event flyer, but now people can also change the background images on their profile page too.

5. Get snapping
Create interesting picture or video content to share with your connections. Pictures are one of the most popular Facebook products and it’s hard to imagine the website existing without them. Try to encourage people to comment on the pictures, or tag people you know, to help your content spread across Facebook naturally.

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