Promoting Christmas Events on Twitter
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Twitter is the ideal platform to create some buzz around your upcoming events and offer special deals or discounts. It’s also easy to target people in your area, so you can be sure that people who are nearby to your event, will know that it’s happening.
How to Promote Christmas Events on Twitter

1. Find good times to tweet
Make a timetable and consider scheduling a series of tweets running up to your big Christmas event. Look out for some of the key days and time when people will most likely be talking about Christmas. You can also certain Twitter tools like SocialBro to find out when’s the best time to tweet for your own account.

2. Find good hashtags to follow
There are many interesting hashtags to follow during the Christmas period, and correct use of hashtags can help spread your message to a wider audience. Use websites such as Hashonomy or to track how popular certain hashtags are an at what times it is best to use them.

3. Christmas music
The Christmas music charts have long dominated conversation during the December month, and nothing sets a festive mood better than a few Slade classics. This makes sharing Christmas music a great way to attract promotion for your events. Consider setting up a Spotify playlist of seasonal songs and sharing it with your Twitter followers.

4. Recruit some helpers
Twitter not only helps you to spread the word about events or businesses, it’s one of the only ways to speak directly to any person without the need to form a connection with them first. This makes it simple for event organisers to recruit ambassadors or event volunteer event staff who can all help to market your event to their existing contacts. Next time you see an account of someone who you would love to get involved in your events, whether they are a local celebrity or promoter, just sent them an @ message.

5. Reach out
Have a snoop around Twitter to find the accounts that are dedicated to your city or other local community organisations and businesses. Start following these relevant accounts and then engage with their content in a non-spammy way, while still mentioning or linking to your upcoming event.

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