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Love it or hate it, New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest night party nights of the year. While some people choose to avoid all the hoopla, the vast majority of people will spend a lot of time and money securing the ideal venue or event for New Year’s Eve. With only 6 weeks to go before the big day, now is the time start promoting New Year events.

Whether you’re organising a massive warehouse rave, a romantic dinner for two or an outdoor event with fireworks, we’ve got some surefire ways to promote your New Year’s Eve events.

How to Promote New Year Events Online

1. A Countdown Clock
As the countdown towards 2019 creeps closer, excitement about New Year’s Eve builds gradually. Event promoters can harness this excitement by setting up a countdown clock on their website, blog, or Facebook Page that counts down the days, hours and minutes to the big event. You can easily install ready made countdown clocks from sites like Widget Box and customise these with your own branding and colour scheme.

2. Best of 2018
The end-of-year lists trotted out during the month of December by various magazines and websites have become as customary a part of New Year celebrations as fireworks and singing Auld Lang Syne. Although beware, try to keep your best-of content as original as possible, since many people will have a similar idea at this time of year.

3. Get Your Listings in Early
Since most websites and magazines compile their Christmas an New Year content well in advance, it’s a good idea to get your event listings into these sites as early as possible. Most publications will also write articles on some of the most popular events happening on New Year’s Eve so being one of the early birds will help get you noticed, and your event may be included in these round-ups too.

4. Keep Prices Reasonable
New Year’s Eve is notoriously expensive so there can be a temptation to inflate tickets prices, which can lead to some very unhappy customers and falling profits in the long-run. The best way to make your event more popular is by keeping your prices reasonable. However, if high ticket prices are a must, then make sure you offer extras (like a free bottle of sparkling wine) so people are encouraged to buy tickets and your attendees feel they are getting value for money.

5. Get Talking
There are a lot of ways to get your audience involved in a discussion about your New Year event. People like to feel that companies are listening to what they really want, so don’t be afraid to ask your contacts for suggestions on how to create the perfect party for them. What drinks to serve, whether to encourage fancy dress and which songs to play before midnight are all good conversation starters.

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