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Los Angeles – April 17th, 2019,  Evvnt, an events marketing automation platform, today announced a content partnership with Burbio.com, a community events platform that streams hyperlocal school, library, government, recreation and non-profit event content across the US. Through the partnership, Burbio’s zip-code level events can be customized and integrated into Evvnt’s revenue-generating event calendars to create increased engagement and revenue opportunities for local media partners.

“Burbio provides local media information that is relevant and necessary for residents,” said Richard Green, CEO of Evvnt. “It also opens up additional categories of advertisers by inviting a broad selection of community-based organizations to post information and get exposed to advertising opportunities on local media outlets, which drives our mission of being the industry leader in custom event placements.”

“Making community event information more accessible to residents through better use of technology was the reason we launched Burbio,” said Burbio co-founder Julie Roche. “Evvnt’s focus on making event calendars more engaging, automated, and profitable for local media makes it a perfect fit. Further, non-profit partners will be able to access Evvnt’s growing network of event listing sites.”

Content from both Evvnt and Burbio.com can be customized and delivered via online calendars, over email, in print and voice, mixed and matched according to the objective of the publisher. “This partnership provides readers event discovery and need-to-know information in one place,” said Green.

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About Evvnt:

A leader in events marketing automation, our mission is to help people promote and find events.

To empower people, event organisers and venues of all sizes, to manage and promote events data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of event listing sites, calendars, directories, ticketing, social networks and search engines from one simple platform. Evvnt has worked with 50,000+ customers in 139 countries with more than 4200+ of the most visited event listings on the Internet.

Link: https://evvnt.com/partners/ For inquiries, please contact Maria Gangat at [email protected]

About Burbio

Burbio.com is the industry leader in aggregating school, government, library and community event information for delivery over mobile, web, video, email and voice.   Burbio’s technology organizes and streams millions of hyper-local events and keeps them automatically updated, and Burbio’s easy to use API and self-serve tools allow for  personalization and customization of this mission critical information. In addition to connected media, Burbio works with Smart City partners such as governments and libraries, as well as corporate partners seeking to keep residents informed and engaged.

For information please contact Dennis Roche at [email protected]

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