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Los Angeles, CA – 3rd April, 2019. Today Evvnt Inc, an event marketing automation platform, announced a strategic partnership with Site Impact, Inc., an established email marketing operator for the newspaper industry.

“Consumers love email and we wanted to make it as simple as possible for local event organizers to create and send communications marketing their events to a targeted, opt in audience,” said Richard Green, CEO, Evvnt Inc. “Our mission was to enable customers to create, target and send an email in 3 clicks, to an audience of up to 500,000 potential local customers, with no technical expertise required, ”

Evvnt is a dynamic event marketing automation platform which syndicates events content to multiple event listing sites and calendars as a service, this new integration now brings email to the forefront of its product offering for events promoters and local venues. The company looks to replace traditional incumbent events calendars with a platform dedicated to generating millions of dollars of new business advertising revenue for publishers from syndicated and email marketing services, while helping consumers find high quality, local events.

“Promoting an event with targeted Email Marketing is added value at its finest. Utilizing our Email Marketing capabilities on Evvnt’s innovative platform expands our ability to connect event organizers with their ideal event-goer,” said Jennifer Gressman, Site Impact’s Vice President of Operations. “Email Marketing has become a crucial revenue stream for print and digital media companies and Evvnt is the perfect platform to bring that to the forefront.”

Launched as a full integration, Site Impact’s proprietary technology, including a real-time Counts System, Order Management System and Tracking Platform, makes it simple and acceptable to incorporate Email Marketing into an existing event listening. Site Impact’s expansive Email Marketing database consists of 145 million email records plus 750 selects and filters that help the customer reach a hyper-targeted audience by age, gender, geo, levels of interest and more.

There is no setup involved, no need to learn the steps to build an email campaign or sign up for an email service provider. Email marketing will be fully accessible to the local marketer or event promoter to efficiently plug and play with this added value opportunity.

Read How It Works – https://partners.evvnt.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001059393-Premium-Event-Service

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About Evvnt:
A leader in events marketing automation, our mission is to help people promote and find events.

To empower people, event organisers and venues of all sizes, to manage and promote events data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of event listing sites, calendars, directories, ticketing, social

networks and search engines from one simple platform. Evvnt has worked with 40,000+ customers in 139 countries with more than 4,100 of the most visited event listings on the Internet.

Evvnt | For media inquiries please contact Richard | [email protected] | 424 353 1392

About Site Impact

Founded in 2010, Site Impact is a rapidly-growing wholesale Email Marketing company providing targeted prospect digital marketing solutions to reach a customer’s ideal audience in an efficient way. With proprietary, real-time technology designed to generate new revenue streams for media companies, agencies and brands spanning all industries and niches, Site Impact makes Email Marketing easy! For more information visit www.siteimpact.com.

Site Impact | For media inquiries please contact Erin | [email protected] | 954-350-0366


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