COVID 19 and The Events Industry
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These are unprecedented times and we believe it’s our responsibility to help local communities continue to deliver exceptional events for everyone. That’s why we’re launching a service for virtual events effective immediately.

Without the economic support of event creators to tools and services and the economic contribution from consumers to event creators, we simply will not have an events industry to return to in the months to come.

Please take a moment to review our actions below and direction on getting through the coming weeks to ensure the Events Industry survives COVID-19.



  • Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of our loyal customers and dedicated teams who continue to work throughout. To ensure we can service your questions and meet your needs we have requested all teams work from home, stay safe and mimimize the potential exposure to COVID-19. We are also aiming to respond to customer service issues more quickly than ever.


To our loyal customers and partners

  • We are a business and need your commercial contribution to enable us to function and maintain services during these difficult times. We strongly believe that post COVID-19 we will be an essential part of information delivery to local consumers for you as we start to re-build local community events together.

Subscription Customers

  • Pause: We are working on a package ‘Pause’ function that we intend on releasing Tuesday 24th March to allow customers to pause their credits and billing of up to 3 months. Any customer wishing to pause their account v’s cancellation and 30 days notice can request this from today from client services or manually process this online from Tuesday.
  • Credits: We have agreed to add un-used credits for March / April / May back on to your account as batches of single bundle credits so they are not lost or wasted – simply contact [email protected] to get your months credits if unused added on to your account.

Single & Bundle Credits

  • We will be waiving all expiration dates on packages so your credits will not expire until you use them.


  • We will continue to service all global calendars, editors, sales and publisher ownership during these difficult times. We are workig with the events industry technology and data leadership to ensure we surface trands, tools and advice to event creators and publishers to ensure our services are optimal during these difficult times and we are planning for when the industry comes back to life. We are releasing with immediat effect tools to enable Virtual Events as this appears to be a driving trend for all those event creators and customers unable to leave their homes.


Virtual Events

  • Whether online or in-person, events + ticketing + marketing result in revenue and we want to facilitate this for event creators globally by supporting ‘Virtual Events’ with event creators, event consumers and via our events calendar network with publisher partners. We are working hard with other events service technology partner, ticketing and data companies to make this happen quickly.
  • Whilst consumers can’t leave their homes, so we’ve partnered with ViewStub to bring you Virtual Event creation tools & ticketing that can be promoted via Evvnt. We are seeing a spike online via Google Trends for Virtual Events and we are encouraging all event creators to set up ticketed virtual events and to get your customers to attend online.
  • We have applied virtual events to all categories and can be used in any city or country worldwide.

Google Trends

Technology Partners

  • We have partnered with ViewStub to bring you exceptional live event streaming and ticket creation technology so you can create events, stream them live, record them and pre sell tickets to keep your revenue coming in.



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Other Live Stream Options

Virtual Events Selector

  • We are streamlining our ‘promote your event’ workflow to make it easier to submit virtual events and you will soon be able to choose ‘Virtual Event’ at an events calendar, on our quick and advanced forms removing the need for a physical location. Please note – a category of ‘Virtual Event’ is in place until we release the revised workflow.

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