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Timeline to the Return of Local Events

We are now seeing an uptick in event submissions for June, July & August with small business events, conferences and Exhibitions from September onwards all with clear and defined social distancing policies to support healthy event environments to build confidence for attendees.

Support local businesses post COVID-19

We can now unravel the uncertainty around the timeline to the return of local events by simply working through the facts. We can see the extent of economic funding, sentiment on large gatherings, consumer frustrations and we also understand who COVID-19 targets and who are low risk. Here are the considerations we recommend so you are best placed to be on time, organized and ready for the ‘return of local events.

1. Timeline: Government economic & financial support

We know the government can only bankroll the economy for a short amount of time which is 3 to 6 months which means we have a clear timeline to local communities returning which is September 2020. 

2. Consumers who are low risk are primary local events attendees

18 to 35 year olds are seen as low risk to COVID-19 and are the primary target market for local events in our communities, we predict consumers will prefer local v’s travel and local community engagement to share stories, bond safely and keeping local will be important.

2. Event velocity

We are likely to see a huge spike in immediate events that happen within days of them being created and announced, increased volume across a broad range of topics to attract consumers. Event creation and event marketing will be very important to kick start consumer awareness.

4. Event Definition

Post COVID-19 we are going to see much broader event type from venues ‘Re-opening’, daily features, new services, products, offers, deals to entice and the usual classic community events including finesse, food & drink, comedy, theatre, live music, art, community and church events. 

  • GOOD EVENTS: Small, local, less than 50 people that enable social distancing.
  • BAD EVENTS: Festivals, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, big sports, large gatherings.

5. Size of the event

Events under 50 capacity will be acceptable and this event size is very attractive to local events organizers and venues. Space, distance, tables settings and hygiene will attract consumers.

5. Marketing from zero

Unlike ever before all local businesses who run events have no base of customers, foot traffic or legacy marketing to rely on so they are going to be looking for trusted, affordable events marketing services to kick start their return to business. Event calendars are going to be an entry point for local businesses looking to market events, budgets are going to be small but regular based on consumers arriving and spending money on food, beverages and potentially tickets. Ensure you have good advertising products for regular event schedules.

Add Events to your print paper and give even more visibility for your communities.

Timeline & Checklist of ACTION

News & Media Publishers

  1. Ensure you have the best events calendar technology embedded on your website.
  2. Remove Cancelled / Postponed events
  3. Add events for September / October / November to seed the site with good events.
  4. Put together a marketing campaign together to promote your event calendar as a source of news.
  5. Allocate editorial and sales resources to ensure event creators can speak to representatives.
  6. Get behind GREAT events and support.

Venues & Event Creators

Create a plan over time.

  1. When will your business open – August, September, October, November *25% to 50% to 75% to 100% 
  2. What events could you create – Be Creative.
  3. When will you start marketing them – NOW

Marketing Plan (The Guide To Marketing Your Events)

  1. Events Listing Sites
  2. Community Boards
  3. Local Newspapers
  4. Local Radio
  5. Social Media
  6. Email
  7. SMS

People & Resource

  1. Marketing assistant to be engaged and answer consumer questions
  2. Sales Person – to confirm attendance and get commitment

If you are a local publisher your traffic has increased by 300% in the last 2 months and as local news remains essential and as lock down eases we expect local events to start to occur and be essential news items to direct people who return to local communities.

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