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We are excited to announce that every live event on the Evvnt Network now has StaySafe™ information available for every hotel venue!

HotelMap, a  specialist in hotel booking for events, has launched its brand-new StaySafe campaign to help venues kick-start the live event industry. Through the creation of a brand-new StaySafe HotelMap is helping venues present a clear picture of the nearby hotels, within walking distance, and with details of each hotel’s new StaySafe procedures, implemented to reduce the risks associated with coronavirus.


When users click on VIEW HOTELS they will now see all of the StaySafe™ policies and procedures that each hotel, near every venue has implemented.


We are currently helping large venues around the world accelerate their restart. It is clear that the whole world over, large venues and their event organising clients are going to struggle getting audiences back at their venues.

Adding HotelMap’s brand-new campaign to a venue website and marketing, helps them reassure their potential attendees that the venue is located within a protective bubble of quality assured hotels each with new special policies and procedures in place to protect guests against the risks of Covid-19.

We have found that when a trusted associate of a venue makes an introduction to the venue we are able to go in and easily close the deal – and after all, everything we are doing is also free of charge and of a very high quality.

About StaySafe™ Campaign

StaySafe™ Campaign Implementation Examples

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