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As we leaned into a global pandemic in 2019 we decided to focus on two areas of our business to ensure we made it through to global recovery, publisher growth and product. In May 2019 we acquired Geotix – an events ticketing platform to add ‘Create Ticketing’ to our software offering, increase our customer base and add to a depleted revenue.

14 months later we have integrated a company into our business as a product and create an end to end solution for an event creator. We today are focused on being the Events infrastructure of the internet servicing event discovery, marketing and ticketing to build a global data company.

Watch the Webinar to glean insights on our vision and how we grew our business in a pandemic. We are now working on our Series A – to raise $5m in growth capital.

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


Media Company? Blog? Event listing site? Event calendar? Venue?

By joining our network and helping our event creators sell more tickets, you can diversify and grow your revenue, your brand, and audience while creating exciting new partnerships that will take your business to new heights.